What Kind of Rabbit Cages Do You Need?

What Kind of Rabbit Cages Do You Need?

When it comes to having rabbits as pets, you will notice there are plenty of caging options. Later on, you notice there are more options than that. Which do you choose? One of the best constructions most often used for rabbit cages are the wire framed cages. You will find advantages and disadvantages to all cages, but you can easily find what fits your needs at any time.

Primarily, the wire frame cages allow for air to flow through and this gives the rabbits a sense of freedom, even though you are keeping them captive for their own safety. Usually you can transport a rabbit in any kind of containment system bot long term care takes more decisive moves in order to allow the bunnies to grow and be happy. After all, it is not that they make so much of a mess. You want them to feel good but also have control and convenience.

Many of the better cages are easily collapsible and have enough space for the number of rabbits you have. They need enough space to move around and have amenities much like people do. Rabbits are smart animals with a tendency toward socialization. That means you can keep more than one rabbit in a cage with good results as long as they have nice accommodations. They need good spots to sleep, eat, and play. You can let them in and out as you wish.

Another good aspect of wire cages for rabbits is that you can see them at all times. Ensuring your pet’s safety is always a priority and it is best done with the eyes. Keep a good pan in the bottom for easy cleaning. Make sure that you get a wire cage with a good, deep set for the base so there are not any urine spill problems. Also, be sure you have plenty of doors to access the rabbits. Sometimes they like to pull away from one spot and isolate in another.

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Overall, wire cages of the proper size work out for most rabbit keepers. They are easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, they work in any housing situation. Be sure to have good bedding and keep water and food fresh. Change the pan often and it will all be good for any environment. You might think that wire cages are stinky but that is only if you let them be. They are so easy to take care of and cost less than more elaborate environments.

Considering that there are other habitats you can create for your rabbits. You do not have to use just wire cages. Many designs are available and practical. When you see the various options, you can get an idea of what will work for your situation. In the end, the rabbits need to be in a good place and you need to have them safe and sound. Wire cages are a great way to go, definitely a good start, and then you can develop from there. As long as they get good exercise and food, they tend to thrive.