UC Mini: An Alternative Browser

UC Mini: An Alternative Browser

When it comes to cell phone apps, some of us just can’t ever get enough.  I must admit that I am a bit of an app junkie when it comes to my android device, and so I am always looking for that brand new app that is going to make my life a whole lot easier.  This is why I was intrigued when I heard about UC Mini.  This is the mobile version of a bigger browser that is often used as an alternative on PCs and Macs, and so the company itself does already have a pretty good reputation.  I was intrigued by the fact that this browser claims to load pages faster than any other because of the way that it uses its data.  Instead of loading all of the data for a given page, it actually compresses it so that the page will load a whole lot faster.  For mobile browsing, this seems like something any browser ought to do anyway, but this particular web app has been able to perfect it.

UC Mini

    There are also a number of other features on this app that make it well worth a download.  First of all, it has a smart download feature which allows you to choose where a downloaded file is stored.  This is quite convenient, as I have often found myself downloading files and then having to search all over my device to find them.  With this app, I just created a folder on my device for all of my downloads, and whenever I download something new, I make sure to choose that folder.  It really does make downloading files a whole lot easier on a mobile device than I think it ever has been before.  This alone is something that makes the app worth having on your android device.

    The browser also has a night mode, which sounds really simple, but also comes in very handy.  This will actually adjust the brightness of the browser on your screen depending upon how much light you are surrounded by.  I often find myself lying in bed at night and browsing the web on my phone, and so I found this to be a very nice little feature that comes built into the app.  It really does make my experience browsing the web in the dark at night a whole lot more enjoyable, and while this might not necessarily help me sleep, it really does help my eyes.

    There are a number of other features that come with the app, including the ability to control it by gestures.  You might find some of the features useful, while others you might find not nearly as useful, but the fact that you have so many options is definitely a plus.  I have certainly enjoyed using this particular app, and I think other people will likely enjoy it to.  Because it is a completely free download, the price is definitely right, and it works splendidly as an alternative mobile browser.